NAME Cosima Emmeline Dauterive
AGE 29
DATE OF BIRTH July 18 1988


ALIGNMENT Neutral good

BUILD Slim, slender
HAIR Brown
EYES Dark brown

OCCUPATION Private investor; philanthropist; future business owner-operator; stoner gadabout

FAMILY Chantal Dauterive (biological mother; deceased 08.04.1998), Jason Martell (biological father; private investor and philanthropist), Danae Martell (mom; bakery/cafe owner-operator), Riker Martell (older half-brother; astrophysicist for Space X)



PERCY - new friend.

GAME ~where
STYLE customs & threads, past tense. adult or ftb.
TIMEZONE afternoons and evenings with the occasional overnight

Chantal Dauterive did not care that bad luck seemed to tail her. She wanted a child of her own.

Twenty-two years old and in graduate school for her Masters in English, she was too impatient to wait on the natural ebb and flow of life to guide her in the right direction, and instead decided to take matters into her own hands. She was slowly losing control of her life due to an undiagnosed mental illness, and by the time the rest of the Dauterive family managed to intervene, Chantal made sure to burn her bridges with her family to the ground. Within the year that followed, she became pregnant with only a vague idea of who the father might be or what she was going to do. Her friends urged her to give the baby up for adoption; they knew that she was in no position to raise a child. But Chantal would not relent. Cosima Emmeline Dauterive was born the evening of July 18 1988, deep in the heart of New Orleans.

To everyone's great surprise, having a child seemed to turn Chantal around. She completed her degree, she received a well-paying job, and made sure that Cosima wanted for nothing. For several years, Chantal exceeded everyone's expectations and maintained a healthy life, all the way up until Cosima was eight years old. Chantal's most recent boyfriend broke up with her out of nowhere and she took it terribly; her mental health once again deteriorated and snowballed faster and faster. Within a short amount of time, she was drinking and popping pills, and by the time Cosima turned 9 years old, Chantal was switching between heroin and meth, the drugs superseding the need to take care of her child, much less herself. Having lost her job, her apartment, and her family, Chantal and Cosima moved into a rundown motel off a high way that charged by the hour, the day, the week, the month. Cosima busied herself with school and her school work; when school let out for the day, she hid away in the woods that lined the field behind the motel until the sun went down.

One night in early August, Cosima returned to the motel room just as dusk was beginning to spread, only to find the door already open and ajar. Nudging it open, she saw that her mother had been viciously murdered on the bed, the room a bloody crime scene. She was found shortly after and was taken away and entered into the foster care system. Her first foster family was an older retired couple, kind-hearted and patient. They were the first to bring Cosima to therapy which helped her quite a bit, and for the few years she lived with them there was a sense of normalcy. Such was Cosima's luck: her foster dad died suddenly of a heart attack and her now widowed foster mother decided to move in with her adult children. Back in limbo, Cosima soon found herself in a second foster home where she was not as warmly received as she had been in the first home. Her new foster mother was beautiful yet cold and deeply suspicious of the young teenager. Cosima had no interest in the older woman's pettiness and went along with it all; she wore what her foster mother wanted her to wear (preppy, expensive feminine outfits with designer tags), went to the school that she wanted her in (a prestigious private girl's school), and participated in all the activities she was signed up for (track and field, book club, student council). Her foster dad was away on business most of the time but when he was home, Cosima tried to make herself scarce. She knew that her foster mom felt threatened by her more and more as time went on, and Cosima had indeed noticed how the older man's gaze lingered on her when his wife wasn't looking. By the time she was sixteen, the seduction was well underway between the two of them, a torrid fling that lasted no more than a few months before his already suspicious wife discovered them together. Ducking her attacks, Cosima managed to gather herself as husband and wife began to argue loudly; she had just enough time to dress and stuff clothes and other necessities into a backpack before jumping out her bedroom window and escaping down a tree.

Seeking refuge at a friend's house, she tried desperately to figure out her next move. Cosima had no desire to re-enter the system, but she was also stuck with a limited amount of money and nowhere to go. Her friend, a fellow foster child who had recently aged out of the system, offered up an interesting proposal: he would be willing to marry her once they found her a fake ID. She could move into his apartment and they could live together. With few other options, Cosima agreed to the plan, and shortly after the two were married in a ceremony at the courthouse that lasted minutes. Though she felt uncertain about the marriage, it worked out at first. She found a waitressing job and went to night school, obtaining her GED. And things with her husband were up and down; they both cared about one another, but their personalities were drastically different, leading to differences of opinions and many fights. The final nail in the coffin was when Cosima had a miscarriage, seemingly out of nowhere. It did not take long for the two to go their separate ways, the marriage ending in divorce. She was nineteen years old.

Living with friends and continuing her hustle, Cosima kept her head down, working full-time and taking a class or two at a nearby community college. When she was 22, she was contacted out of the blue by a lawyer: her biological father had located her and wanted to meet her. The news stunned her, though she agreed to meeting in New Orleans at a nearby coffee shop down the street from her apartment. Meeting Jason Martell was a shock: he was tall and attractive, and it was clear that they both shared similar features and quirks. Several hours flew by as they talked and reconnected, and by the end of it Cosima agreed to fly up north to where he lived with his family in Chicago. After two visits and connecting with the family she never knew she had, Cosima was sold, and she packed up and left New Orleans to relocate to Chicago. It wasn't until after Cosima moved into a small yet modern apartment in Jefferson Park that Jason picked out for her did he reveal a secret he had kept from her: a year before he looked for her, he became a multimillionare after winning an undisclosed amount from the lottery. His newfound wealth allowed him the resources to track down his biological daughter, since Chantal refused to allow him to have anything to do with Cosima.

Chicago changed her entire life. She had a great relationship with her father and his wife Danae, and their son Riker got along fine with her when he was around and not at school. Thanks to her father, she was able to go to college and finish off her degree, earning a BFA in fiction; after a few relationships of varying degrees of seriousness ended, Cosima decided to return to New Orleans to stay with friends and to figure out what to do. Before she finished her hunt for an apartment, a friend of hers was packing up and returning back to their hometown of St. Augustine Florida, and needed someone to drive with. Knowing that she had some family from her mother's side nearby, Cosima agreed to tag along. After spending a week there, she decided to find a place to live and stay awhile; she was still growing accustomed to her newfound freedom, and living in Florida, even for a short while, seemed a good of a place as any to settle down in. As of October 2017, she lives in a spacious house a ten minute walk away from the beach with her cousin, and is working on building a dog sanctuary on a sizable plot of land with several other projects in the works. Along with donating money, she also spends some of her time volunteering with various organizations around the city.

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